Easy-to-use Delivery Management for your Coworking Space

The new delivery management solution specially designed for Coworking Spaces. Simple, secure, reliable, efficient.


Give your staff a treat

You manage a coworking space? Your space uses one of the common coworking management systems? Members are allowed to receive packages at the space? Then you can save time, storage space and energy when dealing with parcels in your coworking space. D2V-delivery ensures a smooth and easy process, allowing your employees to focus even more on your members’ needs in the time saved . Our user-matching algorithms together with the modern dashboard will simplify life for your staff while ensuring streamlined and secure handling of your members packages. 

How it works

Simple Workflow

Once you get in touch with us we will personally set your space up and make sure you easily understand the simple system. We will personally guide you and be there until you feel fully satisfied. Even if that means that we need to program extra features for your needs!

1. You snap the package label

After we set you up: Install our app and take a picture of the packages arriving at your space.

2. We notify the receiver

Using advanced deep learning text recognition and sophisticated algorithms we are able to connect your users automatically with each delivery. Even if there is no QR-Code on the package. We also notify them for you so you have nothing more to do or manually keep track of.

3. Check receiver and pick up

When your user picks up the package at your front-desk your staff can mark the delivery as picked up with just one simple click. The delivery-item will then be moved to the logs-section for further reference if need be.  It’s that simple to manage deliveries now.

In a nutshell

Created for your workplace

Group (3)

Added value for
the members

Members receive a notification with a picture when their package arrives and can pick it up directly. The positive feeling of the members to get a job with several extra services is increased by this service.                                                          

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Added value for
your staff

The staff no longer need to keep manual records of arrived packages as the algorithm matches users automatically and deliveries remain stored. The staff does not need to think about packages because the system provides a simple and reliable guided workflow.

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Coworking Space

The delivery logs enable you to see what happened to each package. Not only when it was received or picked up, but also who handed it out. Additionally your members may perceive your coworking space as more modern and are more likely to stay. Futhermore your staffs freed up time could be invested in member satisfaction.

Key Features

  • We support an infinite number of delivery areas (front-desks) for free
  • We rely on proven state of the art infrastructure to give you a reliable and responsive experience wherever you are
  • The intuitive native app makes adding deliveries a breeze
  • The workflow is fast and intuitive
  • We synch all users easily
  • We synch all companies easily
  • We properly integrate with the software you use already
  • In the dashboard, you can  preview images of all deliveries by simply moving your mouse over the image
  • You will see the automatically matched user in the clean dashboard
  • You are able to manually match any user with the simple auto-complete feature
  • You will see how many days each delivery is stored (it’s color-coded to easily recognize items not picked up yet)
  • You can use the system for much more than just packages. Because using the note feature you can keep track of any items that belong to any user.
Our objective is to ease your tasks by automating pretty much everything. As such we can detect automatically and with great accuracy the receiver name, avoiding the manual task of matching each package
We are using template based email notifications, so you can easily brand the message properly for your users. Things like changing the logo, the message, the font style and the colors can be done easily in the provided editor in your space settings. You know your clients, you are at the best place to choose how to communicate with them.
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